What Kind of Bulb Do Leopard Geckos Need?

By | March 4, 2020

There are many misconceptions when it comes to leopard geckos regarding their need for light. Well basically these geckos are nocturnal and that means they are most active during the nighttime. But that does not mean that they do not require any light. They require a certain pattern of lighting in their cage and also will require regulated temperature in their cage to be comfortable. Proper lighting set up is the most needed requirements when it comes to bringing gecko home. Read further to learn about the best light for leopard gecko.

Choosing the right light for gecko cage

What Kind of Bulb Do Leopard Geckos Need?

Choosing the perfect light for the gecko cage plays a very crucial role in their overall health and growth. Therefore one must first learn of their petting requirements before setting the light. Also, the light needs to be continuously regulated to keep the conditions optimum and proper for the geckos to live in. some of the things that one should consider before choosing a light bulb for the leopard geckos are:

  1. Uv lighting

Some geckos and lizards need a certain amount of UV lighting, that is the comparable option for sunlight. The reason behind there need for UV light is calcium absorption. Uv light tends to help the lizards to absorb calcium easily and avoid any calcium deficiency and bone diseases.

However the same cannot be said about the geckos, the reason is the fact that they are nocturnal. This means they are habituated to live in dark and do not require UV light. However, if your build provides UV light, it will not harm the gecko. But make sure to put some rocks and hideaways for them so that they can get their required darkness.

  1. Temperature

When lighting your gecko cage keep in mind one fact that, the light bulbs will also increase the overall temperature of the cage. it is crucial to keep in check the temperature rise to make sure that the increased temperature is not harming the lizard’s health.

In case you are using UV light bulbs, keep the internal cage temperature regulated at all times. otherwise, one can also pick heating mats for their gecko cage, need for UV lighting is not a compulsive option when it comes to leopard gecko. Heating mats will keep the temperature controlled.

  1. Night lights

During the night the geckos become the most active, and that is because they are nocturnal. just because they’re nocturnal means, their entire system works at night and having nay type of harsh light in the cage at night is not a great option. Harsh lights can ruin their normal body clock and this can harm their health considerably.

But if you do not want to keep the cage completely dark, then it is advised to use some type of red or blue lights and not white lights, these lights will not change the overall lighting of the cage and will not disturb the natural nocturnal environment for the gecko.

How to regulate lighting and temperature?

What Kind of Bulb Do Leopard Geckos Need?

One of the biggest problems that are faced by the gecko owners is to optimize the temperatures and lighting for their gecko cage. lighting and temperature can have a big impact on the geckos’ health and that is certain things should be kept in mind.

  • Regulated hot spot

Since the geckos are found in places and geographical regions where the temperature is tropical, they can be quite comfortable with higher temperatures. But these temperatures are to be of a certain limit and should be restricted to a certain spot only. these spots are useful for the geckos to want to raise their body temperature, as soon as that is done they leave the spot.

The temperature of the hot spot should be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But makes sure that the hot spots temperature is not too high, otherwise it will increase the cage’s overall temperature. Always keep a temperature gauge to check and measure the temperature.

  • Regulated cool zone

Now not only the geckos need hot zones they also require a certain amount of coldness to regulate their normal body temperature. This is the reason, why cool zones are a must-have for the leopard gecko cages.

One should keep the temperature of the cool zone to be around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than. you can also keep mist mats and hides in the cool zone to make sure that the lizards can simply enjoy their cooling downtime.

  • Switching on the light

The baseline of deciding the lighting in the leopard geckos cage is its nocturnal nature. they are nocturnal and that means they tend to be less active when the sun is up and then starts their active time when the sun is down. So to maintain a healthy day and night routine and their circadian rhythm, the gecko cage lighting should be switched on and off accordingly.

To give a day feel to the cage, switch the lights on during the day like around 10 am and to give the night feel to the cage switch the light off at 10 pm. This will balance the 12hours day and night cycle. also, make sure to maintain light on and off routine at the same time and not change the routine as it can affect the health of the leopard gecko.

  • Temperature at night

The cage of the leopard gecko should have a night light that is either blue or red so that it does not give bright light but also let there be some lamination for visibility. Also, the red and blue bulbs will make sure that the temperature is not too high and is between 65 to 75-degree Fahrenheit.

Lighting necessity

What Kind of Bulb Do Leopard Geckos Need?

Choosing the best light for leopard gecko can bring a lot of difference in their health and their activeness throughout the day. during the winter season, the day time lighting should be for 12 hours and nighttime lighting should be for 12 hours. And during the summers, the daytime lighting should be 14 hours and nighttime lighting for 10 hours. usually one can choose between 4 elements or 5 elements set up.

4 elements set up of lighting will consist of:

  • Ceramic bulb: for all-day heating
  • UVA+UVB full spectrum bulb: for day time
  • Blue/red/blacklight bulb: for night time
  • Timer and thermostat

5 element set up of lighting will consist of:

  • Ceramic bulb: for heating the cage
  • 5-6 percent UVB bulb: for daylight
  • Incandescent bulb: for day time
  • Red/black/blue bulb light: for night time
  • Thermostat and timer


Leopard geckos are nocturnal but they also have a certain amount of need for proper lighting. Therefore keep in mind both the temperature heating and lighting before choosing bulbs and lights for the cage. also, make sure that putting the cage in sunlight may harm the geck due to overheating, and keeping it in the complete dark will lead to health issues as the gecko will not get the needed temperature.