What Is the Best Litter to Use for Rabbits?

By | January 15, 2020

Rabbits are one of those cute pets which everyone loves, rabbits don’t scare people off and they instantly bond with humans. Rabbits do not need a big rabbit house to live or they don’t bite you and they are very easy to be taken care of. To make them live comfortable we need to give the best litter for rabbits. If you have never kept a rabbit as pet before then you must do a lot of research before providing the rabbit with litter.

Relation of rabbit and litter

What Is the Best Litter to Use for Rabbits?

A rabbit shares a very needful relation with the litter and for the owner of the rabbit too. To provide your rabbit with hygiene and clean environment. You must choose the rabbit litter very carefully, you select that based on certain factors. It must be safe for your pet, it should not cause any type of harm to the pet. It must not be very good in absorbing dust particles as that could lead to harmful effects on the health of the rabbit.

 Factors affecting the litter

While buying litter for your rabbits, several points are to be taken care of like you must not use cedar or shavings because of its toxicity. You don’t want your house to smell of rabbits poop and urine so you need the type of litter that controls bad odour. The litter must be intolerant to dust, not just for the rabbit, a dust-free litter makes it easier for the person the clean the litter box too. Don’t forget to get the type of litter that is comfortable for your rabbit. Rabbits tend to develop reactions on their body if they are uncomfortable with that litter and if they are having any allergies with that litter. Lastly, it should be eco-friendly and biodegradable to meet the growing problems in climate change.

Best litters for rabbits

What Is the Best Litter to Use for Rabbits?

There is a wide range of litters available in the market, so must do a good study about each one of them before selecting it. Also, litter and bedding are two different things and should not be confused. Bedding is for the sleeping purpose while litter is for sanitation purposes.

  • Paper pellets are the most accurate type of litters used for rabbits. It serves as a biodegradable and environment-friendly litter. It is considered to be one of the safest litters for the rabbit. Paper pellets are made up of 98% recycled paper. These are capable of locking in the moisture naturally since it has extremely greater absorbency levels. It does not absorb dust and has no fragrance and odour thereby causing no harm to the animals. It is widely used by people because of its tremendous ability to control stinks in the litter box.
  • Paper small animal litters are another perfect types of litters to be used for rabbits. The key feature of this is its tendency to loc ammonia. When baking soda is added on this litter, it controls the odour. Thus maintain the fragrance and cleanliness of the rabbit cage. It is dust-free and mad up with biodegradable products. It is a very cost-effective litter and can be bought by any rabbit owner.
  • Natural paper bedding is the type of otter that serves both the purposes of bedding as well as litter. It is very soft and comfortable for rabbits with high levels of absorbency. Just like its name, it is natural and organic and causes no harm to the pet.
  • Soft granule blend is made from wood fibres

These wood fibres are made soft before using as a litter for the rabbit. They look like small granules, it is used by people who want the litter to look beautiful and give a good odour. Soft granule blend gives out a lavender fragrance. Besides the fragrance, the wood fibre has extremely high absorbing properties. Hence the chances of moulds to be formed are almost negligible.

  • Pine shavings are another ideal litter to be used in litter boxes. These are considered even better than cedar. They have a natural fragrance and have no artificial odour. It works effectively in absorbing the moisture and hence keeps the litre dry and free from bacterias and molds. It is also helpful in maintaining a good respiratory system for your pet by its dust-free feature.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a litter box

What Is the Best Litter to Use for Rabbits?

There is a pool of litter boxes available in the market but not all of them are good and suitable for your rabbit. There are many criteria like space, size, design, portability, etc that lets you decide the type of litter box to be bought for your rabbit. The corner litter box was made to take up the least space possible, thereby not making the room look small and piled up. Here are to clean regularly and can be kept in the corner of the room. Litter box with hay rack is another most used litter box, since rabbits like eating hay most of the time. Hay, when kept with the litter, can be easily spoiled but if you have a separate hay rack then hay remains fresh till a long time.

Surprisingly there are some litter boxes which have a plastic grate with them. In these, the urine can easily make its way out without spoiling the litter for a longer time. The most creative type of litter box is called litter pans, these are made up of a large number of designs and forms, easy to clean and most popular among rabbits. It does not take up much space and still has enough space to keep hay. It comes in different shapes like igloos.

Getting the best litter for your rabbit can be helpful for both the owner and the pet. If you have read the article thoroughly then you must know what things you need in a good litter and you can decide the best litter to be bought for your rabbit accordingly.