Our mission is “To save the lives of and rehome unwanted companion animals while promoting spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership.”

The Story of Helping Hands Pet Rescue

Helping Hands was formed in 2000 by a team of veterinary technicians and a few wonderfully supportive veterinarians. Initially, we were completely based out of the animal hospital and focused on greyhounds and puppy mill dogs. In 2001, we joined up with 4 other local adoption agencies as part of the Alachua County Maddie’s Fund Partners. Since then, our focus has been reducing euthanasia at Animal Services. The majority of our intakes are straight off of the euthanasia list from Alachua County Animal Services the small rural kill shelters in surrounding counties. We take a limited number of intakes from the public. We’ve grown from an organization that did roughly 20 adoptions in 2000 to one that did 984 adoptions and reunited 4 other animals with their owners in 2014.